When I think of the photographers who have inspired me the most over the last year, Krista is at the top of the list. I have had the honour of working with her during a couple births and watched her intuitively (and assertively) making her art. She is a skilled artist and the sweetest doula/birth photographer. You will never regret having her a part of your birth – she brings her heart and soul and calming presence and puts that all into her photos as well.

Abbie W. 12/16/2016

Krista was the doula for the birth of our son. She has a very calming personality and immediately after meeting for the first time, my husband and I felt completely at ease and comfortable together. The birth didn’t quite go as planned and as soon as we called Krista she came to the hospital in the middle of the night to support us. Krista was wonderful for the short time we laboured with her for before surgery, and we appreciated the prenatal and postpartum support she provided. We very much look forward to having her photograph our new little family in the near future!

– Kimberly B. 11/30/2016

Absolutely AMAZING is what Krista Evans is. She is so passionate at what she does; the experience and images that she will leave you with are nothing short of breathtaking. She is making her incredible mark in birth photography and we cannot wait to see how she grows as a photographer and makes more and more of an impact in the photography and birthing world. She had done so much in such a short time, it is beyond remarkable. We are proud to have had her capture the birth of our son…we can honestly say that she not only captured memories that would have otherwise been missed, but also made our birthing experience wonderful, with her consistent encouragement and compliments. She is a true inspiration

– Cassandra H. 07/12/2016

When I look back now on my experience from the beginning I remember how uncertain I was that my story would end up a happy one . My husband and I struggled with disappointment on so many levels and the idea of a good birth or any birth seemed unrealistic and scary . Yet there was a spark still in me that was excited about the life growing in me …a bit of hope . When I decided to get a doula it wasn’t a huge surprise . I loved the idea of midwifery care and a doula always seemed like a good plan . Krista was a ray of light from the start . Just her eye contact and laughter alone started me on a journey where I could picture a life with my daughter and that no matter how my birth story ended it would be ok . She was there for me , always available and supportive . She made house calls and got my husband involved in the adventure . In the end we became friends and there is no doubt I would recommend her to my friends . Her doula services and her photography surpassed my expectations . Just hire her ….trust me !

– Carly G. 06/17/2016

As the founder of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers I have seen many talented photographers through the years. Krista is the best of the best! She is incredibly talented and a wonderful photographer. She captures such real, genuine moments with incredibly honesty! Her clients are so lucky to have her, she’s one of the best that our industry has to offer!

– Lyndsay Stradtner 02/21/2016

Without a whole lot of direction it was although she knew exactly what I wanted without being told. She has an amazing judge of character and knows how to make any woman feel comfortable in their own skin ❤️ Can’t say better things about her.

– Michelle P. 02/07/2016