There really are no words to describe Maegan. I take that back, I would describe her simply as Goddess.  The first time we met she told me that she was soon to be a mother of four and that her biggest dream for this home birth was to have the story of her baby’s journey earthside told and she wanted ME to tell it.  How honoured I was!

The weeks leading up to this birth I was on pins and needles waiting for her call and finally it happened!!  In the middle of the night my birth ring sounded…it was her husband Aaron. He said  that Maegan was in labour and it was moving quickly!  I told him I was on my way and after I hung up I was out the door within 3 minutes and raced to their home which was 45 minutes away!

I let myself in quietly as I knew their other children were probably sleeping. I walked upstairs and into the master bedroom to find Maegan swaying through her contraction, holding tightly onto Aaron’s arm.  She was the epitome of strength and grace as she breathed rhythmically.  It was truly beautiful.  Her midwives and mama were all there and I could tell by her sounds that she was progressing quickly and we would soon be meeting her babe!

A few contractions later she settled into her beautiful clawfoot tub, cocooned by the warm water.  She felt the urge to push and listened to her body.  Her midwife Meghan offered her encouragement and when she was ready she beared down surrendering to the pressure.  One push, two pushes and her baby was crowning through. Midwife Meghan brought Aaron’s hand down into the water to touch his babe’s head and on the next contraction, Maegan brought her daughter earthside.  Babe had a nuchal cord wrap (this is a common and not typically unsafe birth occurrence), the midwife gently guided the cord over her head and placed sweet baby Liberty on her mama’s chest. The emotion was thick in the room and there were many tears from all.

This birth was gentle, intense, fast and yet at the same time peaceful.  The perfect birth.  The perfect baby.

Sweet Liberty, you my dear are lovely in every way and loved deeper than you will ever know.


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February 19, 2017
Omg how have I not seen this till now???? So beautiful crying right now lol...while I wait for Aaron to pick us up at Edmonton airport. He's very excited to see Liberty as it's been a month! So happy I found you to be a part of our journey......couldn't have picked someone more suited for the job and our family. We love you!!
    February 27, 2017
    Oh my gosh, I just love you all so so much, Liberty's birth will always be so close to my heart xo